Invigour Basic Introduction to Petroleum Production System

Helping you to start understanding the petroleum production system | taught by Thierry Wee and Zaim Awang

Course description

The production system is the powerhouse for transforming the fruits of oil exploration activities, the extracted hydrocarbons and reservoir fluids are systematically transported and processed in the production system. The integrated production system is a very complex one, which requires multiple equipment and technology in order for the system to work effectively.

In this course, the learner who is looking to acquire an understanding of the integrated oil & gas production system will have the chance to look at the basic function(s) of each of the system components and how they are important to one another as well as the system as a whole. The learners who will benefit from this course are:

  • New oil and gas professional
  • Junior oil and gas engineer
  • Junior professional in other disciplines
  • Undergraduate/Postgraduate engineering student
  • Anyone who is interested in the oil & gas production system

We will introduce the basic elements or system components making up to a functioning upstream production system. We will then explain the function of each system component and why they are important in the production system. Subsequently, we will show you why the different components are required to work together in a harmonious manner so that production efficiency can be achieved.

The online environment created in this course will allow learner to learn anywhere and anytime, however it fits his/her circumstances the best. The interactive content will keep learner engaged throughout the course, the discussion room offers the chance to interact with other students as well as course lecturer/trainer.

There will be reading materials, slides, quizzes, discussions and links to external medial which we use in this course for delivering a fun and interactive online course environment to you.

Hope you will enjoy the course and get to learn a few new things.

Thierry Wee and Zaim Awang
Thierry Wee and Zaim Awang
Principal Instructor Production Technology and Reservoir Engineering

Thierry Wee (MBA, MSc, BEng(Hons)) is a Chartered Petroleum Engineer (ECUK) and a Subject Matter Expert in IPM and advanced well modelling with 16+ years of comprehensive international oil and gas experience. He has led multidisciplinary team to deliver field development plan, field surveillance, specialised study, technology development and competency building. He has worked in a number of key roles such as Prod. Technology Practice Lead, Project Leader, Prod. Tech. Team Leader, Smartfield Production Optimisation Engineer for IOC (SHELL), NOC (PETRONAS) and integrated subsurface consultancy. He has strong technical background in both sub-surface and surface disciplines which enables a good overview of upstream E&P operation and business activities.

Specialties: Advanced well modelling, Integrated Production System Modelling (GAP/PROSPER/MBAL – SuperUser & SME), Well Design, Sand Control, Well Performance Analysis, Artificial Lift (Gas-Lift, ESP and PCP), Well Integrity Management, Well stress analysis, Smartfield/intelligent field operation, Transient simulation modelling, Multiphase system, Flow assurance, Production forecasting, Real-time system monitoring & Optimisation, Intelligent field (Integrated Operation) Process Engineering Design, Conceptual design and Project Engineering.

Zaim Awang is a well-rounded Reservoir Engineer with 20 years solid technical experience working in integrated teams in exploration, production, studies and new venture. Excellent theoretical grounding with a BSc in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. Just after 5 years joining Shell, he was selected to be in the Top 100 Shell Malaysia employees to receive international exposure in the “Olympic 100” programme. Since then, he has acquired hands on experience with oil and gas, clastics and carbonate, green and brown, marginal and giant fields, offshore and onshore production and field development planning around the world, not just with Shell but other operators including Maersk Oil, Petroleum Development Oman. Back in Malaysia for the last 4 years, he has working as a consultant for international companies operating in Malaysia.

Specialties: Reservoir simulation, analytical analysis, improved oil recovery (polymer, water injection, gas injection), experimental design, uncertainty management, pressure transient analysis, Big Data, artificial intelligence, coaching.

Reviews (12)

Well Performance and production Test Analysis

by Abdullah Muhammad Ishaq
it was very informative course

by Muhamad Rifqi Samsudin

Introduction to Petroleum Production System

by Vishesh Bhadariya
really appreciable efforts made by the writer. I encouraged the student to take such type of courses to clear out Fundamentals
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Well Performance and production Test Analysis

by Abdullah Muhammad Ishaq
it was very informative course

by Muhamad Rifqi Samsudin

Introduction to Petroleum Production System

by Vishesh Bhadariya
really appreciable efforts made by the writer. I encouraged the student to take such type of courses to clear out Fundamentals

A very useful learning course

by Handika Eki Winata
Thank you to Invigour Energy for providing this valuable course that may help us especially students to expose more knowledge out of the class lesson to understand better in O&G industry

Clear, concise and easy to understand.

by yusuf sanusi
Really good course covering many aspects of petroleum production system, liked the example exercises and the contents were very organised. A great course which is effective to learn about production system in the oil and gas industry. The course was refreshing, interactive and excellent in how it structured each section to be comprehensive . It was extremely understandable and easy to follow.

Great Learning Website

by Iyzad Syammil Paisal
Invigour Learning Everywhere is a very good website as it provides really useful knowledge for people that intends to enhance their knowledge in the Oil and Gas area.

A rare and good online course for Petroleum Production System

by Joseph Phung
This is probably the most well laid out course for Petroleum Production System. Very seldom in the market we find good course for Petroleum Production, especially an online one. The following are the pros: 1) A very clean, professional and well planned training system layout 2) Very useful information for green hatters but also very good for experienced individual for refreshing the memory. 3) Quizzes are a good gauge to the learning at the end of every chapter. 4) The fact that it is linked to LinkedIn is also a massive plus as in this age of Internet, as LinkedIn are the new age social media cum professional Resume bank. 5) Free! Cons: 1) Need an upgrade or next level course for more experienced person. But then again, this is "Basic" course. This con can be neglected. 2) No offline option. Assuming that some individual who enrolled might be field personnel who works in isolated and secluded area with no internet, an offline option would be a massive improvement. This would enable these individual can download and do the reading when they are away offshore or in remote locations.

Excellent Learning Tool. Recommended !

by Hariz C. Azih
An excellent learning tool for graduate engineers and student seeking basic production engineering knowledge. A good refresher course for experienced experienced engineers. The course is very intuitive and covers wide section of production engineering. It's simplicity in explaining difficult concepts makes it an attractive learning platform for those curious to learn more about petroleum production system.

Excellent course for beginners!

by Wan Mohd Izzat Wan Mohamad Darani
Great platform for junior engineers and students to gain more insights in this production discipline. The contents are light, reader-friendly and plus the videos and the provided figures are very handy to describe the equipment when you don't get the first hand experience to see them. Look forward for more courses from Invigour e-Learning!

Good Overview of the production system

by Michael Dolan
I felt it was a very good overview of the petroleum production system and the oil industry in general. Easy to access and navigate. Allowing you to learn at your own pace, stop and pick up right where you left off. Well done!

good overview of production system for graduates those new to technical work

by mark rayfield
Most of the video's are old but the subject matter is relevant, Q&A a good way to reinforce the objectives.

Great learning platform with detail explanation

by Muhammad Taufik Alhakim
Invigour Learning basic introduction to production petroleum system allows people to learn anywhere with time flexibility. The material is created as effective as it can be to be presented in 1 page of explanation. Video and illustration help to understand the explanation especially the process or equipment that installed offshore. The main strong points of the course are -effective explanation -video and illustration -quiz for self evaluation of the learning Some videos are having issue which were deleted from youtube or not available. But overall, the material is very good for self learning.